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Our Team

Chelsea Newton, MA, CEC Founder

Welcome. I’m Chelsea Newton, the Founder and President of the Talent Formula, and I am so pleased to have you here!

Talent Formula is a speaking and social media consulting company that works with organizations and universities specializing in recruiting and engaging millennials.

The reason I decided to create Talent Formula is simple – the world is changing at a rapid pace, and naturally, the world of Talent attraction and retention is following suit.

As the job market evolves and Generation Y continues to infiltrate the employment force, it’s more important than ever, for both employers and employees alike, to grow their employment tool kit to achieve the desired outcomes they seek.

The Talent Formula is based on what I believe to be the 4 essential pillars of Talent Success – Recruiting, Training, Developing, and Motivating.

My goal is to provide you with current, cutting edge tactics, techniques, and social media know-how to build your dream team of dedicated, motivated employees. If you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and you’re in the market for a new career, I offer a unique perspective and tips that will help you to connect with your dream employer.

I do this, with a talented team, through custom speaking, coaching, and social media consulting packages. You can learn more about the services Talent Formula offers here.

Here’s a bit more about my background and experience …
In the field of Talent Management, I’m known as a dynamic and engaging talent consultant and professional speaker. I’ve spoken at top tier universities, including the University of Alberta and Carleton University, to educate young adults on best practices using social media for employment networking and personal branding.

I’m extremely passionate about helping the people I work with realize both their goals and full potential; it is this passion that has lead me down the path of becoming a certified executive coach.

As a certified executive coach and passionate speaker, I work with organizations to help them recruit, train, develop, and motivate top talent using cutting edge communication techniques and social media. I’ve honed these skills throughout my ten years of experience in the fields of marketing, employment branding, talent acquisition, and talent management.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields from my current role, where I develop top talent in the oil sands, to my previous role leading high volume young adult recruiting within experiential marketing. I’m proud to share that I’ve been credited with developing best in class employment branding, recruiting, training, and marketing campaigns in my previous role as Director of Talent Strategies at Mosaic, a leading North American sales and experiential marketing agency.

My expertise in talent matching includes Fortune 500 companies such as Labatt, DaimlerChrysler, Procter&Gamble, Sony BMG, and Coca-Cola. Additionally, I have over six years of experience consulting globally with Anheuser-Busch InBev on campus recruiting, new grad hiring, and social media employment programs in 12 countries including Canada, the United States, Western Europe, South Korea, China, Russia, and Ukraine.

My experience in the Talent Management field has taught me many things, but there is one thing in particular that has been an invaluable lesson:

No matter who you are, what you know, or where you’ve come from, success can be exponentially multiplied when you surround yourself with the right team of individuals.

When launching Talent Formula, my intention was to build a team of supportive, like-minded individuals all who are passionate and dedicated to the same vision of creating engaged and motivated employees.

I would now like to introduce you to the rest of the Talent Formula Team.

Meet The Team

Michael Mahoney

Michael Mahoney is a Talent Formula speaker and blogger. With a background in a multitude of fields from HR, marketing, strategy, and mobile application development, Michael Mahoney has a unique perspective on how social media is changing business today. Michael’s passion is creating the right strategies using cutting edge technologies to achieve results. Michael has experience at KPMG, Drake International, and Mosaic connecting brands and young adults using social media as a revolutionary game changer. Additionally, Michael volunteers with AIESEC International helping students develop their leadership skills to reach their full potential.

Due to his passion for social media, Michael has been featured in HR Professional Magazine and is regularly asked to comment on industry news. Look for Michael’s blog posts about top trends in social media as he is bound to keep you in the know. Michael can be found on Twitter @imamike and he always welcomes new connections. Michael blogs from his home base of Toronto, Ontario.

Michael’s Talent Formula Pillars: Recruiting with a specialization in Social Media

Grace Lanuza

Grace Lanuza is a Talent Formula blogger and our resident fashionista. She calls Vancouver home though Paris is where her heart belongs. Grace’s 10+ years in the ever-changing world of experiential marketing taught her the importance of having the right team in the right roles. Expanding her passion for people, Grace recently grew her career in the talent acquisition and employment branding space managing campus recruiting across North America for Mosaic, a top marketing agency.

Grace’s passion is in remote management, strategic sourcing, and talent management. You can expect Grace’s unique voice to be found blogging about Gen Y hiring, motivating your team, interviewing tips and tricks, and best practices to keep remote employees engaged. Grace is currently a CHRP candidate. Grace has amazing goal setting skills and can be found using her talents in multiple arenas. Besides her gig at Mosaic, she is also a successful Stella and Dot entrepreneur, and supports multiple non-for profit groups throughout Vancouver.

Grace’s Talent Formula Pillars: Recruiting & Motivating

Helen Rol

Helen Rol

Helen Rol is a Talent Formula blogger. She has more than 20 years of experience in Talent Acquisition working in Canada and Europe in a variety of industries including manufacturing, sales & marketing, and, most recently, in Oil & Gas. Helen’s strengths are in creating processes and alignment across multiple departments focused on the end goal of putting the right people into the right roles. No matter how challenging a recruitment project seems, Helen’s ability to break daunting goals into actionable steps have been proven time and time again. She has staffed projects targeting Olympic athletes, remote merchandizers, and hired over 1,200 students and new grads annually. Helen’s relationship building skills make her a lady you want in your corner. She is an amazing mentor and leader; we are lucky she shares her expertise with the Talent Formula community.

We don’t mind bragging on Helen’s behalf. We are proud to share she was part of the team that won a 2011 International IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence in Human Resource Communication due to her amazing employment branding work during her time at Suncor. Helen holds her CHRP and calls Calgary, Alberta home.

Helen’s Talent Formula Pillar: Recruiting

Leanne Kallal

Leanne Kallal is a Talent Formula blogger and website consultant. Leanne is the Co-Founder of Juicy Geniuses.com, an online business that helps women find their J-Spot (the sweet spot where their passions, skills and life vision overlap) and build an online community and business that aligns their passions, visions, and skills. Her raison d’être is to give real, practical advice that any woman can follow to build a purposeful online business, get their message out to those who need it most, and have a blast while doing it all!

Before heading down the entrepreneurial path, Leanne worked for Mindvalley, in Kuala Lumpur, the leading online publisher in the personal development industry. Previous to Mindvalley, Leanne worked at Mosaic Sales Solutions and Ford Canada. Leanne’s area of expertise for blogging and consulting include: content creation (she’s a creative cat!), employee motivation, and online marketing (social media, blogging, and website optimization). Leanne is thrilled to be a part of the Talent Formula Team and she looks forward to sharing her tips and tricks for creating an inspiring, highly motivated workplace. Leanne is a world traveller and calls Vancouver her home base but is often found in cities across the world attending conferences and working with clients.

Leanne’s Talent Formula Pillars: Recruiting (branded websites) & Motivating