Marketing Monday: Vine, #facebook, ios7

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Top Marketing Stories of the Week:

Vine, Facebook #hashtags, Apple’s ios7

Marketing Monday June 17th

The last week has been full of important announcements in the social media and technology spaces.

Below are three stories we think you need to be aware of and some recommendations that will help you stay on top of changes without becoming overwhelmed.


1. The Rise Of Vine

Vine is a video sharing service that enables users to easily create and share six second video clips.

While video sharing applications have been spreading on the Android and iOS app ecosystems for some time now, Vine has been able to distinguish itself on two fronts. First is the ease of creating video, users simply hold their finger down on their screen to record, and lift their finger from the screen to stop. By tapping and holding multiple times users are able to create interesting video compositions without complicated settings or controls to worry about. Secondly, it was recently acquired by Twitter, making Vine videos a native feature of the service.

Vine’s six second video format was a natural compliment to Twitters short form 140 character messaging service. Since Twitters addition of photo filters to its native app has not slowed the growth of rival Instagram (owned by Facebook), this was seen as an important move by Twitter.

What HR professionals should do now:

Vine content that works tells a compelling story in a short format and you need to understand it.

1. Download the application and check out the Popular Now tab to see great examples of strong Vine content.

2. Follow popular users like meagancignoli, kcjames, whoismaxwell (warning – crude humour).

3. Begin to consider how you could represent facets of your employer brand or EVP in six second stories.

You don’t need to create a Vine account right away, take your time to plan out compelling content for now. We’ll post more about Vine in the near future.

2. Apple Announces iOS 7

Last Tuesday (June 11, 2013), Apple announced major new features and changes to its mobile operating system, iOS 7.

The next update to iOS will be released to all users in the fall and will have some important changes to how mobile phone users interact with each other and their digital world.

Some of these changes will impact HR professionals, and we have listed just a few below:


Airdrop is a feature that enables iOS users to share files, photos, or other content with their friends, or other iOS users who are nearby (likely on the same wifi networks). Job seekers and recruiters should use this feature to share resumes or job descriptions at networking events or even interviews – helping HR go paperless.

By carrying a phone, no one will ever leave home without their CV or portfolio ready to share.


Significant changes are coming to the default iOS camera, that will mean iOS users sharing even more photos. Changes include built in photo filters (think Instagram without needing to open the app), photo sharing, and group albums with friends (may erode Facebook’s photo sharing market share but is unlikely to become popular).


Safari is the iOS default web browser, and while iOS has fallen to second place in the mobile OS wars, Safari still accounts for the lions share of all mobile web traffic. With new changes to Safari, this is only going to increase.
Changes include an easier to navigate browser, better multitasking (tabbed browsing), and more.

If your employer site is not mobile optimized, we highly recommend making this a priority by this fall. If you’re not sure if optimizing your jobs site for mobile makes sense, ask your IT department for web traffic reports that can tell you what percentage of traffic is from mobile devices.

3. Facebook Rolls out Hashtags to Some Users

Hashtags have become an important part of the very plumbing of the internet, as a way to organize and aggregate conversations or content from various places. With its acquisition of Instagram, Facebook purchased a popular photo sharing service that used #hashtags to aggregate photo content. Many users felt it was only a matter of time until Facebook officially supported #hashtags as a way to further integrate Instagram.

On June 12th Facebook FINALLY enabled hashtag support on its platform and it is much more then a simple instagram integration. At this time #hashtags are only for select randomly selected users. This follows a typical pattern for Facebook, which has always rolled out new features to small groups of users over time.

What HR professionals should do now:

Not all users have hashtags available to them at this time, and no brands have full access to its features but we are sure that this will not take long.

Here’s what you need to do to get ahead of the crowd:

1. Start searching for #hashtags related to your brand in Facebook’s search bar

2. Begin using relevant #hashtags in your brand page status updates. For example, #Jobs, #Hiring, #Career.

Be careful not to abuse the use of hashtags. While younger Facebook users are likely comfortable with #hashtags because of their use on Twitter and Instagram, this new feature isn’t understood by all users yet.

Keeping Up With Marketing

Our job is to keep you on trend. Your job is to figure out how to integrate these cutting edge ideas & platforms into your call campus recruiting plan. What are you taking away from this week’s Marketing Monday?

Michael Mahoney
With a background in a multitude of fields from HR, marketing, strategy, and mobile application development, Michael has a unique perspective on how social media is changing business today. Due to his passion for social media, Michael has been featured in HR Professional Magazine and is regularly asked to comment on industry news. Look for Michael’s blog posts about top trends in social media to achieve results in the HR space.

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  • Grace L

    Great post! Personally I love Vine and have an account, I just have to start posting!
    I saw an infographic from Glassdoor in regards to mobile job search – 1 out of 4 candidates would not apply to a job if the company’s career site was not mobile optimized. A strong mobile presence is definitely the way to go for GenY and Millennial attraction.

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