Social Media Goals in 2014

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Plan Your Goal
It is hard for me to believe that it has almost been a full month of 2014 already. As a digital marketer so much has changed in the last few months. It does not help when I am constantly reading about the “top lessons of 2013” and “what to look out for in 2014”, and they all say something different.

With so many opinions out there about what 2014 has in store I thought I might try to clear things up for you, and help you start this year on your most sure bets. Whether you’re using social media for job hunting, networking, recruiting, or something else entirely.

1. Facebook has a problem – but isn’t sinking yet

Evidence that teens are not using Facebook as much as they once did is mounting, but its not time to abandon ship yet. Far from it. Facebook is still critical for any demographic you are trying to reach. Teens are still on the platform in larger quantities than can be found on any other social network today.

2. Content Evolves – Again

Facebook has recently changed the algorithm which determines if your Facebook page posts appear in your fans news feeds. More details (and a great example of how to optimize content) can be found on the Facebook blog (here), but what you need to know is this: Make sure you’re planning to share links and photos in your status updates, otherwise they may not be reaching your audience.

3. Diversity is key

No one needs to sell the HR department on the value of diversity, but to many of us are still relying on only one or two channels to promote our message. If Facebook’s teen problem is any indication, people’s attention spans are shifting to different networks to serve different needs. If you haven’t yet explored how to use Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest – consider it in 2014. Concerned you don’t have time to manage multiple networks? For now consider how your content can be used across them to save time. Once you have some experience you can begin to customize your content for each.

4. Plan your work, and work your plan

This is a cornerstone of any training seminar or tutorial anyone on the Talent Formula team starts with. Making a plan can help even if you’re not sure what to put in it right now. Consider that 20% of companies today have integrated digital targets across departments (including HR), but staff is not trained to manage this. In fact, 82% of digital marketers have no formal digital training, so this is not just an HR challenge! Having a plan can help make sense of the unfamiliar, and even help identify skill gaps.

Make sure you consider the following:

  1. Where is my audience, and how do I reach them there.
  2. What metrics can I influence using digital: be specific and set deadlines
  3. How will I adapt key learnings into my plan throughout the year?
  4. Who can help me if I need it? You don’t need to do it all alone

If you’re unsure how to answer any of the questions above, remember you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to experts with your questions and remember we’d be happy to help if we can.

Looking back since we started this blog so much has changed, and we’ve been glad you joined us. I hope our marketing posts have helped you better promote your organizations, positions, and opportunities in 2013, and that we can continue to do so in 2014. The year ahead is sure to have many surprises, and we will certainly be doing our best to help you along. With that in mind, remember we’re always happy to help at Talent Formula, so don’t forget to tweet us your questions, suggestions, hints and tips throughout the year!

Michael Mahoney
With a background in a multitude of fields from HR, marketing, strategy, and mobile application development, Michael has a unique perspective on how social media is changing business today. Due to his passion for social media, Michael has been featured in HR Professional Magazine and is regularly asked to comment on industry news. Look for Michael’s blog posts about top trends in social media to achieve results in the HR space.
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