The 3 A’s of Leadership

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Defining Leadership: The 3 A’s


So much has been written already about leadership. There are many articles, books, seminars and trainings dedicated to this topic and I can’t even start to imagine the number of people whose daily focus is to train, teach, study and motivate people to be great leaders.

Trying to be or become a good leader is challenging!

Defining what good leadership looks like is highly personal and will never be the same for anyone (one of the key reasons you will never please all – and you better be ok with this!).

Finding your leadership style is an ongoing journey, sometimes the path is clear but there are a lot of bumps, roadblocks and choices along the way and I encourage you to challenge yourself to not take shortcuts but go the full distance.

Three Key Attributes for Leadership Success:

1. Authenticity

Taken from different definitions: real, genuine, not false, conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief. Leaders need to be authentic. If you want people to take you seriously and follow you, you need to be YOU.

Everyone will see through you in a heartbeat if you are not genuine. It’s too hard to keep up with pretending. Your words will be undone by your own behavior and actions if it’s not genuine – fake it will not make it!

2. Attentiveness

Again, from different definitions: characterized by or giving attention; observant, thoughtful of others; considerate. For instance, making difficult or un-popular decisions is part of being a leader to focus on delivering results. It is in the way you showcase or communicate to your stakeholders that you understand impacts and consequences and have taken this into consideration in the decision making process, that will make the difference.

Attentiveness should be second nature – to opportunities, challenges, market conditions, stakeholders, people, team dynamics, results etc.

3. Action orientation

Taking action is at the heart of leadership I believe, and key to driving results. In order to support others in their delivery, you need to take action by taking away barriers, lead the charge, inspire, motivate and ignite people’s passion – be at the core of making things happen. Leadership is not exclusive to the work environment – leadership is present in any situation
If you choose to be a leader and want to be a “good one.” A final word of advice: don’t take action for the sake of taking action – it’s not just about the WHAT you do, equally important is the HOW you do it!

What’s Your Definition of Leadership?

How is leadership spelled in your book?

3 A’s or differently? Share your thoughts on key attributes for leaders!

Helen has more than 20 years of experience in Talent Acquisition working in Canada and Europe in a variety of industries including manufacturing, sales & marketing, and currently in Oil & Gas. No matter how challenging a recruitment project seems, Helen’s ability to break daunting goals into actionable steps have been proven time and time again. Watch for Helen's posts on recruiting tips and tricks. Trust Helen as an expert who has staffed projects targeting Olympic athletes, remote merchandizers, and hired over 1,200 students and new grads annually.

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