6 Tips to Achieve Your 2014 Goals

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Writing Goals That Stick.


January at Talent Formula is all about kicking off 2014 with INTENTION.

We encourage our community to take space to sit, reflect on 2013, and set some big life goals. It’s not only about defining the goal but also about determining key next steps in 2014 to get there. Grace Lanuza kicked it off with tips to set lifestyle changes versus goals and Helen with growth areas that are continual works in progress.

For those that know me well, in typical Chelsea fashion, I’m going to help you plan your goals. My method: setting mini targets to ensure you are accountable to yourself and more likely to achieve them!

New Year’s Resolutions typically don’t work and here are the stats:

  • 25% of people abandon resolutions after 1 week
  • 60% of people abandon their resolutions within 6 months
  • So, why set resolutions? Don’t! Set GOALS!

    Goals work IF you are thoughtful about pre-defining success and the path to get there.

    6 Tips for Goal Setting That Work:

    1. Write Your Goals Down

    Studies show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by documenting them.

    Identify your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), define what success looks like, AND set mini milestones along the way. This way, your goals become less daunting and you create a road map to your success.

    Goals should always be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound) – these are great points to think about when defining individual goals.

    2. Share Your Goals

    By saying them out loud to friends, colleagues, and family, they will help you be accountable. The key is sharing deadlines so they can check in with you along the way.

    3. Build a Support Network

    Build a support network – get an Executive coach, mentor, peer, master mind group to help hold you accountable to your goals. These should be people that remind you why it’s important, hold you accountable to your deadlines, give you tips and hold you up when you are down, and help you celebrate wins along the way.

    4. Remember It’s OK to Make Changes

    I’ve set goals that in January make perfect sense but with changes at work or a new job on the horizon, my goals no longer work.

    Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate, switch them up and make changes. Just don’t back away from that BHAG because the going gets tough!

    5. Reflect Regularly

    I sit down on a month basis (the first Saturday of each month) to check in on my goal, evaluate what I said I would accomplish in the last month, review how I did, and make a plan for the upcoming month.

    By creating time for reflection, my goals never stray too far from my mind.

    6. Celebrate Milestones

    Goals can be really big and sometimes it is hard to see the day it will be achieved.

    Accomplishing them might be a year or several years in motion. Don’t forget to celebrate mini milestones along the way. A celebratory drink with your support network, a new course, buying a new book (or purse!) – whatever works for you!

    My 2014 Goals:

    Practicing what I’m recommending, I’m sharing one my 2014 goals and strategies here. I would love for you to share yours below!


    Incorporate Talent Formula – it is currently a sole proprietorship and based on 2 successful years, I’m ready to officially incorporate!


    Using my network, I’ve determined next steps to incorporate and strong financial strategies.


    Be officially incorporated by 2014 end of Q1

    Source for New Year’s Resolutions Stats

    Chelsea Newton
    Chelsea is known as a dynamic and engaging talent consultant and professional speaker. As a Certified Executive Coach, she is extremely passionate about helping people realize both their goals and full potential. Chelsea has worked in 12 countries around the world helping Fortune 500 companies recruit, train, develop, and motivate top talent using cutting edge communication techniques and social media. She is currently developing top talent in the oil sands and speaking across Canada as the founder of Talent Formula.

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    • Grace L

      One of my goals this 2014 is #6 in this post! I definitely don’t pause and celebrate the wins enough as I’m usually on to the next thing. Celebrating no matter how big or small is a great reminder to savor the moment and to use the memory as fuel for those tough roadblocks!

      • chelsea

        Thanks for sharing Grace. I hear you, sometimes it feels self congratulatory or cocky to celebrate BUT it shouldn’t. Take the time, alone or with the people who supported you along the way, to celebrate what you’ve accomplished. After all that work – it’s nice to pause and bask in the glow of success BEFORE setting the next BHAG!

    • Stuart Lewis

      I am seeing my group retirement clients are beginning to establish financial goals – many for the first time. I have found that once clients are aware of the investment management services available to them via their employer sponsored programs, they feel more comfortable to begin to take an increasing level of responsibility for their own financial success / future by engaging us. Like so many things in life, self awareness is the genesis for improvement and moving forward.

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