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October at Talent Formula is all about personal development. Our Monday posts include hot topics on setting personal goals, building leaders, and growing both as a person and a professional.

Personal Development 101

personal development
Some say that a shoemaker is the last to have a new pair of shoes. To turn the metaphor, as a student and a learner, do you put self-improvement and personal development last on your to do list?

We all have gone (or are still going!) to school and taken both the required courses and those “for fun” electives. But have you really done a self- check and challenged yourself to take a step back to ask “What can I do or/what choices can I make to improve myself?” Only YOU, yes you, yep you, and no one else, can ask (and answer) that question.

There are a lot of choices out there for courses and development.It doesn’t matter what type of curriculum or course you choose. The important thing is YOU make the choice to invest in YOURSELF to grow as a person.

When one chooses to learn how they can grow and improve, this can have a life changing impact or some can leave you with the feeling of “huh?” and wanting more.

Do you know what you want? Much like a buffet, there are a lot of choices out there. Let’s see if the following can help start the thinking process to help you focus on the hardest topic around – YOUR personal development.

Personal development efforts can be anything. Want to learn how to be a better leader? Make a better cake? Take a dive into being an entrepreneur? Go on vacation while still working on your fitness? All of these are possible and more!

Try out my 8 possible paths for self development below.

The Ultimate Self-Development List
Talent Formula Edition:

1. Go Big or Go Home:

Let’s start with 2 big ones: Self development & time intensive courses.
I’ve heard a lot about self-development paths out there that deal with leadership skills, goal setting, and putting your life goal plans into action. I know friends (a lot actually!) who have taken either the Executive Success Program or Landmark Education.

From what I know, these courses are pretty intense and involved. Not having taken them, I can’t tell you first hand what the experience is, but from the feedback of peers, they have gotten what they personally had wanted out of them and more.


Now, in the world of internet and consumer reviews, there are always controversial opinions about any course – having not taken these ones myself, I can’t recommend them specifically so do your research and choose an investment because it fits into your goals, not because someone tells you to. The moral of my story – choose something to grow YOU against your goals. What does that? It’s your choice!

2. Entrepreneur “Boot Camp”:

Have a business idea that is keeping you up at night? Learn how to make it into your full time gig.

Our very own Leanne Kallal is the co-founder of Juicy Geniuses. They have a training series for entrepreneurs called The Genius League. Meant to empower and inspire, this series is meant to give your offline business a jump start into success! Sound up your alley? Want to get the inside info and the low-down on launching a business? Contact the Juicy Geniuses for more info!

3. You Go Girl:

Grow – just grow.

I learned about the Jness program through a friend who is one of the trained facilitators of this program. The goal of this program is to have a group of women unite internationally in discovery and celebration of simply, being a woman! Check them out for more info.

4. Neither Meek Nor Dragon Lady:

Expand your horizons.

Now this is a program that I have personally taken so I can definitely speak first hand on this. One Asian is not only a business coalition for women of Asian heritage but they also offer a “1st Weekend” intensive with a curriculum tailored to Asian women.

The weekend for me was an amazing experience – I have never questioned the way I made decisions but what was missing in the puzzle was I didn’t know “the why” or the deep reasoning on why I was making the decisions (good or bad) that I make. Along with the “1st Weekend” they also offer an on going weekly coaching online curriculum, great if you’re a busy gal like me.

What group do you want to feel closer to? How can you reach out and embrace a different part of your identity?


I volunteer for One Asian as the Director of Social Media but I don’t make any $ or get anything for free by writing about them. I simply talk about my personal experience and it’s my own honest personal opinion. Find a group that makes you want to shout off the rooftops too!

5. Ivy League Online:

What’s on your bucket list? How can you make it attainable?

Is going to an Ivy League in your bucket list? I know it’s in mine!

Cornell University has ECornell. A chance to take executive programs online at your own pace and at your own time. My personal choices of certificate programs? There are 2 I’d love to take – Social Media in HR: From Policy to Practice and Business Strategy: Achieving Competitive Advantage. What’s on your list?

6. Martha Stewart 101:

Do you have a bucket list for any planned time off? Do it! Learn something just for fun – just for you!

When I was on mat leave, I had a personal development bucket list within my bigger mat leave bucket list. Yes it’s intense but hey, I’m a list girl and thrive on intensity.

So what better way to go out of my comfort zone than to take a Wilton cake decorating class at Michael’s? I have wanted to take these series of courses for 3 years now even before the aforementioned mat leave bucket list. But it was one of those things that kinda fell into the wayside and was buried under everyday life. As soon as I started Level 1, I was hooked. I’m currently working through Level 3 right now. My cakes aren’t perfect but, hey, it’s all about artistic expression right?

What takes you out of your comfort zone? What’s a course that hits that ‘just for fun’ mark?

7. Fitness Vacation:

Ever thought of learning (or getting fit) while on vacation?

No, I don’t mean another language or a semester at sea. What I meant was learning or working towards your fitness goals while on a fitness vacation! A local Vancouver company, Eat Play Love Fitness offers just that! Their fitness vacations are tailored to each client’s fitness goal and destination. They have a group of fitness professionals and nutritionists that are there to help you reach your fitness goals. Getaways range from a 1 day option to a 6 day program in Whistler, BC.

What’s in your neighbourhood you can hook into on a staycation?

8. My B.H.A.G.

What goal are you afraid to admit out loud?

Let me lead by example – My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (of the moment) – Stanford University. The alma matter of one of my business idols, Stella & Dot founder Jessica Herrin. There I said it. It’s “out” there. Yes I want to go to Stanford University – specifically the Stanford Graduate School of Business and take the Advanced Leadership Program for Asian-American Executives.

I know, it seems crazy … but I will do it…. If not now, then date TBD… Stay tuned!

Personal Development – My Summary:

I saw a quote the other day that said, “We don’t only live once, we live everyday but we only die once.”

So what are you going to do in order to make your life the best life possible?

Is it through personal development, life-long learning and discovery? Or have you already achieved your goals in most areas and just have a few to work on?

I challenge you:

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do? If you won a million dollars at the lottery tomorrow- what would you choose to do?

I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from any form of learning. BUT, it takes time to make a goal and define what you want to learn.

Whether it’s a crazy intense program or a once a week cake class, there’s always a learning opportunity. The beauty of this mindset is you set the tone, the goals, the pace. Your own personal choice in how to better the person you know best – yourself!

Tell Me Below!

Have you ever taken a self-development program? If so which one?

If not, which one is your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)?

Which of these 8 facets of your life do you want to work on? What’s your goal?

Grace Lanuza
Grace’s 10+ years in the ever-changing world of experiential marketing taught her the importance of having the right team in the right roles. Expanding her passion for people, Grace recently grew her career in the talent acquisition and employment branding space managing campus recruiting across North America for Mosaic, a top marketing agency. You can expect Grace’s unique voice to be found blogging about Gen Y hiring, motivating your team, interviewing tips and tricks, and best practices to keep remote employees engaged.

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  • Darlyne Dolap-Reece

    Thanks to this blog post, I have propelled myself into undertaking one very understated BHAG that I had brewing in the back of my mind: My own personal blog! More of an online journal, allowing me admit where I am just like a diary, with the accountability of overcoming obstacles I identify, since I “put it out there”. Thank you for the inspiration and the gentle push.

    My blog Darlyne with a “Y” whould never have happened!

  • Katie Romano

    What an inspirational post! I don’t know about other subscribers, but this motivated me to kick start my personal development into high gear. I have three major items on my ‘short-term’ bucket list;
    1. Complete my Project Management Certificate – I am currently enrolled to start January 2014

    2. Source out a dedicated mentor – this doesn’t seem like a difficult goal, however finding a respectable mentor that will make time for you and vice versa can be a challenge.
    3. My BHAG….drum roll please….start my own ‘resume and interview coaching’ site. Maybe not in the near future, but certainly in the future.

    • chelsea

      Thank you so much for sharing your bucket list Katie – putting it out there always helps us be accountable! Keep us posted on your progress!

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  • luckly,i could go through your publish. Amazing! Think all by oneself, you will be capable to do excellent.

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