Cool Job, Hot Summer – In 3 Easy Steps!

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3 Easy Steps In Landing That Sweet Gig!


Well you made it through yet another school year!

Now it’s summer and most students have one thing on their mind. Finding a really cool summer job!

Let’s pause for a minute here and define “cool”. I’m not talking about working in an ice cream shop (although that could be a great gig!) but what I mean is something unusual. Something so much more than the typical retail or serving job.

3 Components of Landing a Cool Job:

In this post, let’s talk 3 key components:

The StrategyThis the “why”.
The Job HuntThis is the “how”.
The ExperienceThis is the “what”.

1. The Strategy

In previous posts, we talked about how to land a job in your dream company and also what types of things one can do for personal development.

These 2 things are a great starting point in figuring out the “why” in this situation and how this summer opportunity can have longevity. Meaning how can this serve your career later after you graduate? Is this an opportunity to learn a specific skill set or network and build relationships with a group of people in a specific industry?

Ask yourself:

Why do I want to have a job for the summer as “insert job title here!” ?

Why do I have the need to learn “x” skills. How will this cool job provide me with that chance?

Why do other candidates want this job?

This last question is really important. Typically “cool jobs” have a high number of applicants. Know their “why” and then determine how you can best fit the role. Knowing why you want the role and why others might also want it helps you define your unique selling proposition (Your personal USP).

2. The Job Hunt

Now that you have narrowed down your potential job list, here’s where you will actually need to search for openings for your dream job.

Perhaps this job is an internship, a Co-Op opportunity or an internal position that you got referred to. This is where the relationship building skills you have worked on all year can come in handy as well as any mentorship opportunities!

It’s advisable to start your job hunt as soon as possible so that you’re able to really make a great decision on what offers are on the table.

Check out our previous posts on researching the best companies here and regarding mentorship here.

3. The Experience

Each person’s summer experience and the definition of “cool” will vary from person to person. By following the previous 2 steps, you will have narrowed down what you’re really looking for.

Others choose to go the opposite way – no strategy and something just for “fun” without thinking about skill set gained or how the summer job will affect their career. That’s OK too! The important thing here is whichever you decide, it’s about choosing the path that’s most right for you at the time and putting some thought behind it.

Looking at what’s available out there right now, here are some links to some pretty “cool” summer job postings:

Wilderness Guide
How amazing would this be? Everyday you will be outdoors and providing a great experience to tourists and locals alike. Sounds like a great gig, with the bonus exercise and nice tan as additional perks!

Conference Services Assistant
I know, sounds a bit boring! But for you conference nuts and organization nuts out there, this position is amazing! As an insider, you get to experience the nitty gritty of each conference and with a varied list of topics, learn something as well. Also, a great way to network with different industries! This will come in handy in the future when you’re applying to be a delegate at TED!

Horse Wrangler
Yeehaw! If you’re into horses and want literally a free ride, here’s the perfect position for you! It’s a great way to also hone in your relationship building skills (both with people and animals! This is a skill!) as well as leadership skills.

Brand Ambassador
As you know, I have an experiential marketing background. Well there were definitely many summers where I was able to partake in a lot of cool opportunities! How does giving away concert tickets to fans and then getting to go the sold out show but getting paid for it sound? How about traveling across the country to the hottest sporting events to give consumers the ultimate brand experience? There are many agencies out there that represent a variety of clients. Some have Campus Ambassadors throughout the year – be friends with these people, they know the latest postings available!

“It’s not about the money, money, money…” – Jessie J

Where ever you land this summer, I believe that by choosing what you think is right for you at the moment is key! Be thoughtful. After all, along with the cool factor you certainly want, your summer should be fun as well!

As Ferris Bueller would say, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Share With Us:

Have you landed your cool summer job? If you were to choose, what’s your ultimate cool summer job? How are you going about your job hunt?

Grace Lanuza
Grace’s 10+ years in the ever-changing world of experiential marketing taught her the importance of having the right team in the right roles. Expanding her passion for people, Grace recently grew her career in the talent acquisition and employment branding space managing campus recruiting across North America for Mosaic, a top marketing agency. You can expect Grace’s unique voice to be found blogging about Gen Y hiring, motivating your team, interviewing tips and tricks, and best practices to keep remote employees engaged.

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