Five Sources for Job Hunters

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Maximize Your Job Searching Time

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Looking for a place to start your job search??? Not seeing the forest for the trees??

Here’s a quick line-up of options that might help!

Looking for your first job or a new job, need one right now or just checking out the market? Are you looking for full-time, part-time, after school, or a co-op, …my questions could go on and on!

Equally varied are your options on where to find information about your next opportunity. In fact, there are so many options that listing all options would be close to impossible.

This post is to give you a push in the right direction by summarizing the most common job sources so you can maximize your search time.

5 Tips for Job Searching:

1. On-line Job Search:

What you’ll find is that there are a lot of on-line options.

Job Aggregators:

If you look for a volume of opportunities in one place, check out the job aggregators such as SimplyHired, or for student jobs. Also consider job boards such as Monster, Workopolis or Careerbuilder.

Social Media:

Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn (I know, let’s just fold it in this category for now), Twitter etc. are the fastest growing channels for job opportunities.


Before you decide to use your social media profile to apply to positions, make sure it represents you in the way you want it too! Read our tips and tricks on maximizing your LinkedIn profile HERE.

Company’s Website:

If you want to be more targeted, check the company website for their listed career opportunities. Most companies will have a career or job section where open positions are listed or even provide opportunity to submit your resume or candidate profile for future opportunities. Some company sites will allow you to become part of their talent community advising you about current and upcoming opportunities.


Check for options to create alerts when new jobs are posted. This will ensure you receive emails when new positions open up instead of you checking continuously to stay on top of new opportunities.

2. In Person Job Search:

Making a personal connection is powerful and could give you an opportuninity in through company employees.

Think about attending specific networking events (discipline specific events such as the HRIA brown bag lunches) or job fairs to identify what immediate or future opportunities are available and lay the foundation for a more personal connection.

Start building your relationships with those recruiters!! For some positions, the “walk-in” might be the way to go – positions are posted in the window frame or on sandwich boards in front of the company – an open invite to ring the bell and introduce yourself!
Another in-person option is connecting with employment services – but I’ll actually talk more about this category later.


Always be prepared by having your resume or other information handy. Dress to impress (and know what’s appropriate for the situation), have your elevator speech (30 seconds attention grabbing intro about yourself) ready and ALWAYS have enough time to complete an on-the-spot interview… just in case!!

3. Referrals:

The fastest way to find a job is by knowing the right people. These are people that can let you know a job is available, they know you and your skill set, and can make a firm recommendation or even provide your name as a referral. Leveraging your personal and professional networks (whether in person or on-line) is the most direct way to finding a new job.

Expanding your network is a MUST, start now, especially if you are not looking yet! Students – NEVER burn bridges with summer student or co-op employers!


Companies often reward employees for bringing in referrals. See how you might be able to leverage this and encourage people to refer you directly to their company. LinkedIn will show you exactly who you might already know in this organization!

4. Paper-Based Job Search:

The “old-fashioned’ way to search jobs through the classified section in newspapers is still an option. But,…what you’ll notice is that most responses are requested to be submitted on-line anyway. In fact, most newspapers will have their on-line classifieds that list the same positions as the paper copy….

For some positions a telephone number is listed in the job listing which would allow you to connect directly with the company. Potential for immediate pay-off if you are need work NOW. Specialty magazines are a good resource if you are deploying a very targeted job search (check out Often times, multiple companies will advertise opportunities in the same specialty issue, giving good insight into the industry as a whole.


When focusing on paper-based job searches – respond immediately. Printed copies usually are delayed in time and when companies apply multiple posting strategies, including on-line job postings, you might be late to the party already.

5. Employment Agencies:

There is an enormous variety of employment agencies: co-op career services, immigrant societies, search agencies and so on.

Some agencies might have a direct connection with certain companies and therefore can be your advocate, present you directly to the company, sometimes even can get you started without an interview.

Some employment services are focused on supporting your job search through research and skill building (resume writing/interviewing) and search agencies will consider you the main client and will market you specifically to their company client base. Working through an agency can be a big time saver.


Make sure you understand what services you need so you can target the right employment service to deal with. This will help avoid disappointment and time wasted.

Put in the Time:

Finding the right job is hard work!

Set yourself up for success by understanding what channel and approach works best for you (time available, personal style, broad based or targeted), be prepared and understand potential pitfalls. Most of all, be resilient and persistent and be smart enough to engage the right support!

Can’t wait to hear about your favorite way to find job opportunities! What’s worked for you in the past?

Helen has more than 20 years of experience in Talent Acquisition working in Canada and Europe in a variety of industries including manufacturing, sales & marketing, and currently in Oil & Gas. No matter how challenging a recruitment project seems, Helen’s ability to break daunting goals into actionable steps have been proven time and time again. Watch for Helen's posts on recruiting tips and tricks. Trust Helen as an expert who has staffed projects targeting Olympic athletes, remote merchandizers, and hired over 1,200 students and new grads annually.

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