Interviewing Is The New Dating Game

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What I’ve Learned from Interviewing.

The next interview I have, I think I am going to wear a turtleneck – not just for the fact that this winter has been dragging on for far too long, but when I leave my meeting with Mr. Employer, I want to turtle into that warm knitted sweater and hide…maybe barf a little, then hide again.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I swear the last time I ever felt so vulnerable, so putting-myself-out-there-esque, so ‘Hey look at me! Look how great I am’-ish was in the midst of a date.

I’m being brought back to a pre-married, 20-something version of myself that I’d rather not spend too much time thinking about.

Why Interviewing IS The New Dating Game.

(And why it’s even harder!)

Think about what you have to offer, pick the perfect outfit, go in, make small talk, sell yourself, smile, laugh, smile, serious face, listen, tilt head…answer this question, polish this answer, smile, nod…..Gaaaaaaaaah! When can we just fast forward to the fappy-comfort stage (fat, happy and comfortable?!)

It is frustrating, to say the least, to have to sell yourself in a job interview, when you know that what you have to offer is as great or better than what anyone else out there has.

I want to say: Mr. Employer, invest in me.

I may not have the exact industry experience you are looking for, but honestly, what about my laundry list of transferrable skills? What about passion? What about a fresh perspective? What about the proven track record of success that I have in every past employment task I have ever worked on????

But, I can’t just yell that out. Feel the same way?

This employer doesn’t have the time to actually get to know you, to see how wonderful you really are.

He/she only has a 45 minute window to learn a basic, pre-constructed thought-out prototype of one itty-bitty little version of the big-picture you. Just. Like. Dating.

You set your eyes on ‘the one you want’, you go to every length to prepare yourself with made-up answers to unknown questions, and then you either shine or you bomb. There really is no in between. Interviews, like that first date, means you rock it or you fall flat on your face. Well at least, that’s how I’ve felt leaving every meeting/interview thus far.

Here comes the self-analysis part. When have I felt the strongest? When was I at my best? When did I walk away from a meeting with a glow and a promise to meet my future boyfriend/job again?

What I’ve Learned from Interviewing:

What I’ve learned in this process is when I have been too polished and too prepared, when I thought too hard and envisioned too many could-be scenarios, this is when I walked away feeling defeated and heavy.

I can say with certainty that when I let go, thought less, put less pressure on the situation and trusted that I had prepared enough and my true self would shine through, this is when I walked away with my head held high, knowing that I killed it.

My Learings:

(don’t mistake this for advice!)

The best piece of advice I’ve been given so far is to never take advice from anyone.

It’s better to collect information and insights, and determine your personal perspective.

So, young interviewers and daters alike don’t take my words as counsel. Instead ask questions and establish your own outcomes.

Perhaps though, you can learn a little from my mistakes. Personally, here’s what I’m going to do. Moving forward in this interviewing/dating-esque game, I’m going to take a load-off, clear my mind and shed the heavy weights from my shoulders and I’m going to just be me.

Here’s to feeling free, shining bright and landing the perfect job. Good luck to all of you job seekers and daters out there!

Linda Kettlewell Sood
Linda Sood is a guest blogger for Talent Formula. She has 7 years of marketing and talent acquisition experience, specializing in experiential marketing, team management, and employment branding. After taking 3 years off to focus on family and to have her two young children, Linda is eager and excited to jump back into the workforce. While at home, Linda made the time to explore some of her personal passions and has decided to make a career shift. She is currently on the hunt for the perfect job and you can join her as she blogs her way through this self-reflective quest.

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